Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ragin' McCain

The bizarre, erratic and angry behavior we've seen from John McCain, in the debates, during the bailout negotiations and in interviews is nothing new.  If anything, McCain has done a remarkable job of containing himself over the last several months.  But, now with the stress of a tanking campaign causing the man to come unglued, that rage is reemerging.  Some have speculated that McCain has recurring problems with PTSD.  And with his medical records largely hidden from view, we may never know.  But more Americans are certainly coming to the conclusion that it is McCain, not Obama, who is the risky choice to be the next commander-in-chief.  

Check out this video on the history of McCain's pattern of raging outbursts, including a documented account of McCain backhanding a female constituent who came to him to talk about her MIA father:

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mrs. bissonette said...

Bill! A new post, finally! Yours is the first blog I check every morning, and I keep dying to see what you're thinking.

I saw this McCain video a few days ago. What's been occupying my thoughts the last couple days is the way Palin and McCain have whipping the crowds into a vicious lather at their rallies. It's clear that McCain is not a maverick, a patriot, or an honorable man. If he were he's never have made this Faustian bargain to give up all human decency in exchange for a shot at the presidency. And speaking of shots at the president, the most unpatriotic and dishonorable part is that he's creating an atmosphere where an attempt on Obama's life becomes permissible, even desirable. I can't believe that my state has been leaning McCain since Palin joined the ticket. It breaks my heart.