Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How she loses

Last month, former Clinton administration member and close Obama friend, Illinois Rep. Rahm Emmanuel, made this apt statement:
“The way the loser loses,” said Representative Rahm Emanuel of Illinois, who is close to both candidates but has made no endorsement, “will determine whether the winner wins in November.”
The response to last night's Indiana and NC primary results from Gore and Kerry strategist, Bob Shrum:
“The campaign may go on but the contest is now over: Obama is the Democratic nominee for president. Now the decision for her is how she wants to end this.”
But, presumably this is not how Hillary wants to end it:
Earlier this week Hillary Clinton instructed supporters to bet on the filly in the Kentucky Derby. In other words: Bet on Eight Belles, the only female in the horse race (and, Clinton obviously hoped, a potentially promising metaphor/omen for herself and her chances of winning the Democratic nomination).

Well, as local sports fanatic Seth Kolloen just pointed out via email (and on his blog), it didn’t go so well for the filly today.

In a development that you couldn’t even make up, Eight Belles finished second, but broke both her ankles during the race, collapsed at the end, and was immediately euthanized on the track.
(via Eli Sanders at the Slog)

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Anonymous said...

More than convincing me this race should be stopped, you've convinced me all horse races should be stopped. How tragic.

Not that Hillary cares since she brags about shooting ducks. Are my values un-American for refusing to ever vote for someone who would shoot an animal for fun?